About Texchem Pakistan


Texchem is a chemical distributor that has become the market leader in the distribution of chemicals and dyes and aims to connect clients and customers in profitable partnerships. Our staff caters to the client by creating applications and provides marketing and supply chain solutions.

We have many services under the same roof such as regulatory expertise, technical and formulation support along with digital tools that help us provide excellent customer experience. Our complete portfolio provides you with both specialty and industrial chemicals and dyes that are of high quality.

With outstanding experience and unlimited local reach, you can be sure that Texchem Pakistan is more than capable of working closely alongside partners to bring additional success to the business.

Texchem Pakistan has been extremely profitable and now aims towards sustainable and profitable growth.


More like a guideline embedded in the company outline, our vision illustrates the position we are aiming to create for ourselves in the chemical distribution industry.

  • we aim to be the safest chemical distributor ensuring zero accidents
  • we focus on our industry channel to provide the customers with effective services
  • Already established as the local market leader we wish to expand our horizons through maintaining high standards, carrying out consistent marketing and improving our sales.
  • We aim to create a healthy working environment that is ideal for employees.


Texchem has always stuck by its values and has ensured that quality is never compromised as that is what sets us apart from our competition.  Our business has been constructed on six values that we have stuck by to become the leading chemical distributor in Pakistan region.

At first we ensure that we provide the best possible services to our partners so that we are always the first choice on your list. We also aim to create this industry free of any hazards. Our workers are of great importance to us which is why a lot of our efforts go towards maintain safety standards.

We also ensure that our employees have the confidence to take charge and be the best at what they do. Training them to take leadership roles and hold them accountable for their work and decisions is a core part of working for Texchem Pakistan. Regardless of the department in our business and the role it plays we aim for perfection and flawless service throughout as we consider it our responsibility. To conclude we believe that our partners are extremely important and regardless of the work we always ensure that our business partners are satisfied with the services.


When it comes to Texchem Pakistan we credit our success to our hardworking employees that allow for the growth of the company through their hard work.  we closely focus on the strengths of our clients so that we are able to become your number one choice in the market and aim to grow together.


With an established procedure to register, receive and handle complaints you will always feel that you are heard. We have a system that allows you to submit complaints and queries anonymously when engaging with us on questionable matters so that your confidentiality is always respected. It is not necessary that only a customer uses this service, the public, suppliers and the customers are provided with the same dedication from our team.



You can rest assured that Texchem Pakistan will ensure you receive maximum dedication from our side throughout our collaboration. you will be provided with top notch service accompanied by a positive attitude from our company representatives to facilitate you according to your needs. Texchem Pakistan has a WE CARE culture which ensures that you are satisfied at all times with not only our products and services but also our interaction.

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